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Guestbook for TW Photo
Monica Windorski(non-registered)
Pick me cuz I would love to come see you guys.
Seth Nelson(non-registered)
Todd pick me so I can shake your hand after he packers win the Super Bowl.
Kimera Martin(non-registered)
Alright Mr. Wallarab, I have finally made it to the guest book. :)
My thoughts are that you and I would be great collaborators on photos...of ME! hehe...
I love your work and know what pride and joy it gives you...this is so your passion and it shows in all the photos you take and the ideas you have. I think I should win because I have, and still want, you to do a photo shoot of me, to show me in a different "light"....let me shine.
Melissa Gilhooly(non-registered)
Finally here at the guestbook. Todd your work truely is a work of ART! Can't say I've ever had the pleasure to see such awesome work. This would be fun, but really would need you eye and imagination to make this mug look. good! Any help would be appreciated to get a picture I like of myself.
Kelli Goetz(non-registered)
I would love to win a free photo shot! I think you do a wonderful job, and Danielle is a great assistant too! Just being able to capture that I'm living life and being able to enjoy my family would be one of the greatest gifts.
The guestbook is empty.